Changing Seasons

IMG_5291christmas1.jpgWow, wasn’t it just July; how can it be Thanksgiving time already? Autumn seemed to be a mini season this year. So many rainy days and then snow suddenly making its appearance!

It sounds like I am complaining, but truth be told, I love the changing seasons of Minnesota. Every year I eagerly await the first big snowstorm of winter. I love the feeling of being snowed in with flannel jammies, fleece blankies, comfort food, a good book or a great movie while the home fires are burning – the culmination of cozy!

To begin this new winter season, my husband, mom, sister, nephew, niece, daughter and son all pitched in this week to “deck the halls” for the Christmas holiday. In years past, I’ve held out until after the turkey has been carved to hoist up the festive Tannenbaum, but considering that we have a tad more house this year, I thought we should jump the gun and “hang the holly”.

Boxes of all shapes and sizes were whisked down two flights of stairs by my nephew and son. Oh, to have young legs and abundant energy again! Garland, greenery, twinkling lights, glittered shiny ornaments, ribbons and hot glue guns covered the large dining room table and I said, “Let’s just go for it”. We rolled up our sleeves and each added our own bit of fancy to create that special Christmas glow in the Candlelight Inn. I think it looks lovely!

I hope you are able to come and experience the celebration, warmth and coziness of this Christmas season at the Candlelight Inn.

But first I must say, have a blessed Thanksgiving!

We look forward to your stay with us!

David and Eve

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