Threads in the Tapestry

20170418_100832It’s been a full five months since the baton was passed to us as keepers of the Candlelight Inn in Red Wing, MN.  We have met so many wonderful people and begun to amass a treasure of memories. Threads of lively conversations and stories have been woven together to create a grand tapestry that has enriched our lives.

Some of the threads in the tapestry are the foibles made by the well-meaning but occasionally clumsy innkeepers. One unforgettable morning comes to mind with a bit of embarrassment. The saying, “pride goes before a fall” is true – oh, so true.


One weekend my mom and her husband came to stay at our Bed and Breakfast. It was peak tourist season; Red Wing was bustling and we were at full capacity. Our intended menu for the second breakfast course was two pans of quiche and homemade cinnamon rolls. Dave and I were up and in the kitchen at 5:15 am to begin our morning routine.


FB_IMG_1545249910227Everything was going well and we were right on course – ticking off the boxes on our to-do list. The cinnamon rolls were covered with a white dishtowel and rising on the back of the warm stove. The quiche custard was prepared in the blender and set aside on the counter’s extending bread board.

It was 7:40am and I was rolling out the pie crust for the quiche knowing that the entree needed to be in the oven soon to bake and set for a 9am breakfast. Everything was right on schedule and no problems. Breakfast was going to be perfect!

(Cue my mom.) Mom entered our kitchen with her morning cup of coffee and offered to give us a helping hand with the breakfast preparations.


A sudden pridefulness came over me and I wanted to show off my culinary skills to my mom. I confidently replied, “You sit and enjoy your coffee; I got it all under control.” All the while I’m childishly musing, ” I am doing such a great job! I must be impressing mom. Mom, are you watching me; can you see me?”

And then comes the fall….

I quickly moved around to the opposite side of the small work island to finish rolling out the dough to fit the pie pan. Not only did I move quickly but also clumsily; I hit my hip on the extending bread board that held the container of eggs and half & half.

food healthy yellow broken
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Oh, the agony! Thick, yellow, sticky egg mixture stretched over the counter, floor and into two drawers that I carelessly left open. I let out a stunned shriek and all motion completely stopped as Dave, mom and I stood staring at the disaster.

The self-admiration came to an abrupt end and I became keenly aware that I needed my mom and Dave’s assistance pronto.

So, with much more humility, I continued the breakfast prep while Dave whipped up a new mixture of custard and my dear mother cleaned up my mess.


Ten guests were served a punctual and filling three course breakfast by a slightly bit more humbled innkeeper and her custard-making confident husband. We have both been truly blessed with a loving and forever caring mother. We love you, mom!

Wishing you all a merry and blessed Christmas! May your holiday meal prep go swimmingly smooth and calamity free.

candle celebration champagne christmas
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

David and Eve Baer

The Candlelight Inn  Red Wing, MN




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