Threads in the Tapestry

20170418_100832It’s been a full five months since the baton was passed to us as keepers of the Candlelight Inn in Red Wing, MN.  We have met so many wonderful people and begun to amass a treasure of memories. Threads of lively conversations and stories have been woven together to create a grand tapestry that has enriched our lives.

Some of the threads in the tapestry are the foibles made by the well-meaning but occasionally clumsy innkeepers. One unforgettable morning comes to mind with a bit of embarrassment. The saying, “pride goes before a fall” is true – oh, so true.


One weekend my mom and her husband came to stay at our Bed and Breakfast. It was peak tourist season; Red Wing was bustling and we were at full capacity. Our intended menu for the second breakfast course was two pans of quiche and homemade cinnamon rolls. Dave and I were up and in the kitchen at 5:15 am to begin our morning routine.


FB_IMG_1545249910227Everything was going well and we were right on course – ticking off the boxes on our to-do list. The cinnamon rolls were covered with a white dishtowel and rising on the back of the warm stove. The quiche custard was prepared in the blender and set aside on the counter’s extending bread board.

It was 7:40am and I was rolling out the pie crust for the quiche knowing that the entree needed to be in the oven soon to bake and set for a 9am breakfast. Everything was right on schedule and no problems. Breakfast was going to be perfect!

(Cue my mom.) Mom entered our kitchen with her morning cup of coffee and offered to give us a helping hand with the breakfast preparations.


A sudden pridefulness came over me and I wanted to show off my culinary skills to my mom. I confidently replied, “You sit and enjoy your coffee; I got it all under control.” All the while I’m childishly musing, ” I am doing such a great job! I must be impressing mom. Mom, are you watching me; can you see me?”

And then comes the fall….

I quickly moved around to the opposite side of the small work island to finish rolling out the dough to fit the pie pan. Not only did I move quickly but also clumsily; I hit my hip on the extending bread board that held the container of eggs and half & half.

food healthy yellow broken
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Oh, the agony! Thick, yellow, sticky egg mixture stretched over the counter, floor and into two drawers that I carelessly left open. I let out a stunned shriek and all motion completely stopped as Dave, mom and I stood staring at the disaster.

The self-admiration came to an abrupt end and I became keenly aware that I needed my mom and Dave’s assistance pronto.

So, with much more humility, I continued the breakfast prep while Dave whipped up a new mixture of custard and my dear mother cleaned up my mess.


Ten guests were served a punctual and filling three course breakfast by a slightly bit more humbled innkeeper and her custard-making confident husband. We have both been truly blessed with a loving and forever caring mother. We love you, mom!

Wishing you all a merry and blessed Christmas! May your holiday meal prep go swimmingly smooth and calamity free.

candle celebration champagne christmas
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

David and Eve Baer

The Candlelight Inn  Red Wing, MN





For the Love of Baking

white topped doughnut beside peanut cupcake
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

I don’t think I’ve ever met a pastry I didn’t like. When I was a little girl and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered that I was going to be a donut girl because what else could be as wonderful than working with donuts?

making gingerbread cookiesAs it turns out I did not become a donut girl. My path lead me elsewhere; however, I did develop a love for baking. Food Network was the channel of my choice; Nigella, Paula and Ina became friends. Cookbooks were the books that I read before sleep overtook me. Baking was a way for me to offer something special to people I held dear. Now I use baking to offer hospitality to guests in our Inn and hoping they will enjoy and savor it as much as I enjoyed creating it for them.


We have another baker at the Candlelight Inn who also delights in the art of pastry and anything sweet!  She is made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”.  A girl after my own heart – our daughter, Gabriella.

This girl is a natural baker. She can conjure up a delicious homemade cake effortlessly all the while keeping a cheery disposition. Much love and joy are incorporated into her baking and she delights in knowing that a little bit of sweetness brings happiness to others.

Our family, at the Candlelight Inn, relish in sharing good food and satisfying desserts with you. Come and stay with us soon. The bakers are in the kitchen and the sweets are in the oven!

David & Eve Baer



The “Jewel Box” of Red Wing

It did not take long for me, in fact it was pretty near immediate, to become beguiled with the charms of Red Wing. The history, the beauty of the Mississippi River, towering bluffs and a variety of architecture throughout the stately town have taken hold of my affections.

IMG_5440One extraordinary place that enlivens my imagination and lends itself to awe is the Sheldon Theater. Boasting in Renaissance Revival, the grand theater stands prominent in historic downtown. Built in 1904 to benefit the people of Red Wing the Sheldon Theater continues to captivate and entertain the public.

Intimate, rich, ornate, gilded – “a jewel box”- are words used by theatergoers to describe the interior of this esteemed and enchanted hall. It is truly a sight to behold!5ba41011dcebd.image

During the month of December, the Sheldon Theater delights its audiences by adding a little “fa la la la la” to a smashing lineup for the Christmas season. Voices singing in harmony, feet tapping to a mesmerizing tempo, graceful ballet with dreamlike costumes and much more!

Check out the Sheldon Theater’s holiday productions right here and add some “holly jolly” to your Christmas! https://www.sheldontheatre.org/events/holiday-series/

There is room in the Inn and a place for you at our table.

David and Eve Baer

The Candlelight Inn


Changing Seasons

IMG_5291christmas1.jpgWow, wasn’t it just July; how can it be Thanksgiving time already? Autumn seemed to be a mini season this year. So many rainy days and then snow suddenly making its appearance!

It sounds like I am complaining, but truth be told, I love the changing seasons of Minnesota. Every year I eagerly await the first big snowstorm of winter. I love the feeling of being snowed in with flannel jammies, fleece blankies, comfort food, a good book or a great movie while the home fires are burning – the culmination of cozy!

To begin this new winter season, my husband, mom, sister, nephew, niece, daughter and son all pitched in this week to “deck the halls” for the Christmas holiday. In years past, I’ve held out until after the turkey has been carved to hoist up the festive Tannenbaum, but considering that we have a tad more house this year, I thought we should jump the gun and “hang the holly”.

Boxes of all shapes and sizes were whisked down two flights of stairs by my nephew and son. Oh, to have young legs and abundant energy again! Garland, greenery, twinkling lights, glittered shiny ornaments, ribbons and hot glue guns covered the large dining room table and I said, “Let’s just go for it”. We rolled up our sleeves and each added our own bit of fancy to create that special Christmas glow in the Candlelight Inn. I think it looks lovely!

I hope you are able to come and experience the celebration, warmth and coziness of this Christmas season at the Candlelight Inn.

But first I must say, have a blessed Thanksgiving!

We look forward to your stay with us!

David and Eve


A Warm Welcome!

antique close up equipment hanging
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Hello and welcome to the Candlelight Inn in Red Wing, MN where you are heartily invited to partake of the warmth and beauty of an 1877 Victorian Home. Here we delight in sharing our personal quality of hospitality to create for you a restful and memorable getaway!

We are David and Eve Baer, your eager and accommodating Innkeepers, whose dream of caring for a charming Inn and welcoming guests into our home became a reality in July 2018.

The Candlelight Inn has been a B&B since 1989 and we endeavor to continue the gracious   reception that was shown to the many guests that have entered these doors throughout the past years.

We also take great care in preserving the pleasurable experience of a three-course, sweet or savory, breakfast that has been part of this grand house’s history.  Our first course might be a Raspberry Shrub that is meant to cleanse one’s palate or a warm Apple-Pear Soup that has been described by one of our guests as “a warm hug”.  The second-course might be our popular Wild Rice & Bacon Quiche with a homemade flakey crust or a Blueberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast topped with a blueberry sauce. A petite dessert tops off this ample breakfast –  Pot de Creme with fresh whipped cream, or a Vanilla Panna Cotta served with blackberries soaked in a wine sauce. Our desire is that you leave the breakfast table pleasantly filled with delicious food and gratifying conversation.

As you drive up to the three-story white victorian home take note that it is a short walking distance to the historic downtown area of Red Wing where an array of distinctive restaurants, shops, historic places and parks await your visit while you R&R at the Candlelight Inn.

Once inside, take in the elegance and tranquility that emanates from the period lighting, the intricate original woodwork and beautiful stained glass windows. Refreshments are laid out of crackers, cheese and wine to invite you to unwind while the quiet of the library or the rich hues of the parlor beckon you to settle in and feel at home.

Each of the five guest bedrooms are designed for comfort, rest and beauty. Take a book from the library and settle in your room and notice the quietness of the house or climb into your comfortable bed for a tranquil nap.  Some of our rooms have whirlpool tubs for a long relaxing soak; our handmade soaps and bath salts add a special touch of elegance.

Whether you come to Red Wing, MN for the many attractions and activities that this appealing town has to offer or to take in the surrounding natural beauty while wanting a time of respite, the Candlelight Inn is a most excellent choice for a remarkable and memorable getaway!

We look forward to your visit!

David and Eve Baer