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Watercolor Joy


Recently Dave and I had the privilege of welcoming a very special guest to The Candlelight Inn in Red Wing, MNCharlotte Laxen is a dear friend, mentor, and an amazing watercolor artist from Winsted, MN.

Charlotte Laxen

I am honored to introduce Charlotte and celebrate her awe-inspiring gift of expressing beauty and emotion, particularly joy, through watercolors.

I first met Charlotte ten years ago after experiencing a devastating loss in my life. My sister commissioned Charlotte to paint a watercolor of a special family memory, from a photo, as a Christmas gift for my children and me. With brushes, paint and a sensitive spirit, Charlotte gloriously captured a whimsical yet tender memory; a treasured image that will never be forgotten.

Family of Snow Angels

I was soon captivated with the joy that I saw in Charlotte’s paintings and I deeply desired the ability to express joy on paper, with paints, as well. I was not at all confident in myself when I shyly asked Charlotte if she would be willing to teach me the art of watercolors. Her generous kindness and easy personality quickly put me at ease and I fell in love with painting and the joy that comes in creating.


I have included a sampling of Charlotte’s paintings. Please read more about the artist and person, Charlotte Laxen, and delight yourself in her paintings that are displayed on her website. She is an extraordinary person with an amazing story and exquisite artwork to share.







Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We wish you much joy and we look forward to welcoming you to our Inn.

David and Eve Baer

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Shredding the Slopes

person in blue coveralls snowboarding on snow
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Our teenage son, Mathias, recently experienced his first time snowboarding the slopes of Giant’s Ridge in Biwabik, MN.  Being a beginner yet feeling quite confident in his abilities, he decided to forego the “bunny hill” and made a bee line to the top of the run with his more experienced friends. Mathias soon discovered that his Apple watch continuously instructed him to BREATHE when the wind had been knocked out of him after a wicked wipeout.

apple watch
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After listening to Mathias’ downhill adventure stories, Dave and I reflected on our skiing days during our teenage years.  Dave grew up skiing Afton Alps, Buck Hill, Highland Hills and Welch Village. He soon became a “shredder” of the slopes; he earned the name “Downhill Dave” by his bros (fellow rippers and shredders).

action adventure alpine blue mountains
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My experience with skiing was a bit opposite to Dave’s “black diamond carvings”.  I was granted the nickname “Crash” because of my not-so-pretty wipeouts. According to I was a Gaper- “A novice skier whose hapless technique makes them stand out.” Yep, that certainly described me. Fortunately, I never broke any bones.

person skiing
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Skiing is a terrific way to enjoy the great Minnesota outdoors and to celebrate the winter season rather than lamenting for the warm days of summer. The clear crisp air that fills the lungs, the beauty of bare trees, contoured hills and the white landscape are all a part of the skiing experience. Yes, I know this winter has not produced a big white winter yet, but we still have many weeks of cold and February/March may bring us a delightful dumping of snow.

branch cold freezing frost
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Yesterday Dave, the kids and I took a short drive to Welch Village – the nearest ski village to Red Wing, MN  (also a favorite in Dave’s youth). A fifteen minute drive from the Candlelight Inn led us to an idyllic setting of a small village nestled amid the high hills and trees of the Cannon River Valley. It is truly a charming place to visit and ski.


With plenty of snow on the hills, Welch Village offers “sixty runs on five distinct ridges overlooking the Cannon River and Belle Creek Valleys.” (


A large chalet positioned at the bottom of the runs provide warm and comfortable seating to enjoy food/drink. Large windows give a vantage point to scrutinize the “shredders and gapers”.  For even more enjoyment, live music is featured on Saturdays starting at 4pm.

Come and enjoy this charming village and ski the beautiful hills of Welch. If you can’t beat winter, you might as well join it (and maybe even enjoy it too).

David & Eve Baer

Candlelight Inn in Red Wing, Mn