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1989 Small Town Girl Reunion


It was just an hour and a half before they were scheduled to arrive and I was still in my pajamas!  The appetizers weren’t quite ready for the show and I was still scurrying around trying to tweak those last minute details that I wished I had done earlier. By 5pm the Inn was ready (and I was dressed) to welcome the first four gals from my graduating highschool class of 1989. I was so excited but yet nervous; a couple of the girls I haven’t seen in thirty one years!


All of a sudden I felt a little insecure- just like highschool again. Thanks to a last minute appointment, my hairstylist successfully covered my grays but there was no way I was going to be able to hide those extra pounds that I have added in the last few years….oh well.

The girls arrived and all the insecurities melted away! It was a joyous reunion and it was as if we all just picked up where we left off. The years in between didn’t matter; we were girlhood friends again and we all had lots of stories to share with each other!


The first evening together was spent enjoying hors d’oeuvres, drinking wine and reminiscing about our young girl days. Old photos were presented and confessions of highschool crushes were declared while ballads of the 80s hummed from my phone (can’t beat a Journey’s playlist in transporting you back to to 1989 ❤).



The next morning we met two more of our classmates at Mandie’s coffee shop- just after making a quick, but necessary, stop into Hanisch Bakery!


We visited a few shops in the historic downtown then ate lunch at The Staghead Gastropub- a great menu with enjoyable food!

After lunch a few of us stepped into Art Reach, donned aprons and sat down for our painting lesson. After two hours of helpful and entertaining instruction we completed our works of art! It was a lot of fun and I would definately do it again!


Ensuing a very tasty dinner at Nacho Loco (I have found the BEST nachos!) we traveled back to the Inn, put on our comphies or jammies, and continued to muse over our memories late into the night. More photos and yearbooks were brought out to pour over.



The next morning it was time to say goodbye. While the gals were packing up to head back home, I was lamenting the thought that we really needed one more day to recount and relate to all the other stories that we’ve held close to our hearts over the last 31 years. Even though it seemed too short, it was a perfect, fun filled weekend celebrating friendship!



Ladies, my friends, let’s do it again soon! I admire and love the strong and grace-filled women you have become! Your visit, conversation, generosity, laughs, tears and friendship have made my life that much richer and I look forward to continuing our friendships for another thirty one years!